Minister's Letter







Leading up to Christmas was filled with anticipation of the Birth of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Child. We had carol services in the three chapels of the pastorate and all were memorable. Mount Zion had a candle-light service and was full of atmosphere whilst the other two held theirs in day light. We thank Stefan and Sara for singing so beautifully in Tabernacle and we thank the members of Freystrop community for their strong involvement in their service.

Friends and family visited our home over the period and we had a lovely time. Diana and I flew to Scotland to spend a few days with our son, Luke in Edinburgh. We stayed in a good hotel on the Royal Mile which was a 15 minute walk from the castle from there we had a wonderful view of the city with Princes Street and the gardens with the Gothic spire of Sir Walter Scott’s monument immediately below and the Firth of Forth beyond and Fife in the distance. We did a lot of walking and the Old Town is so full of steps I felt exhausted due to being out of condition. However, I was able to recover in a favourite tavern which we used often. There I was introduced to Cullen Skink, which is similar to a fish chowder washed down with an excellent cider called “Thistly”. Greyfriars Kirk cemetery is where the delightful tale of a dear little Skye Terrier originates. When his owner, John Gray, died and was buried, the loyal little dog remained at the grave for 14 years. People loved him and he became a well-known doggy character and they would feed him. He died at the grand old age of 16 (the same age as our Jack Russell who still creaks along).

Bobbie’s loyalty to his master enabled him to have a good long life. It reminds us of the benefits of loyalty to our Master. As we looked down that night at the bright lights of that beautiful Scottish city, a few days from Christmas, I was reminded of the light of Christ bringing light into a dark world. Bobbie’s loyalty touched the hearts of many and lit the light of compassion in many a dark heart and so also the light of Christ, as a small baby, illuminates our lives. Let us go forward into the darkness of an unknown New Year with the light of the love of Jesus showing us the way.

God Bless you all, Rev. Steve.

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