Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone in the pastorate.

At Mount Zion we will be holding communion on the first Sunday in the month in both February and March.

We are very grateful to the Rev. Chris who will be leading our services the 13th February, 13th March and 10th April at 2.30pm.

On 6th March at 2.30pm our service will be with our minister Rev. Steve when we will start our journey with the Lenten cross leading us up to Easter day.

It was good to hear, our friend and long serving member, Marion Jenkins is home after her long stay in hospital, we hope and wish her God’s blessings and our warmest thoughts for a speedy recovery.

We are pleased to hear that Michael Ryall is recovering after his accident on Christmas day, and we hope he and Marion are back with us in church very soon.

It was very sad to hear that Bambi Absolom is still on a ventilator in hospital, we hope that there will be some good news of him soon. We think and pray for him and for his family.

To all, who have been or are poorly, we hope and pray that you will all return to good health very soon.